The project GreenTech 2.0 empowers green tech clusters to support SMEs in exploiting growth opportunities, service innovation, resource-efficient solutions, market traction, finding investments and internationalization. It is accompanied by strategic partnering between clusters and specialized eco-systems and cities resulting in a new, joint GreenTech Services 2.0 portfolio for participating clusters, including the implementation of the ClusterXchange Programme.

European clusters collaboration

GreenTech is the European network that unites five Bronze-awarded clusters from Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland and Poland. More than 100 SMEs have already kickstarted their greentech solutions in local markets and they are going to scale their business to new innovation systems!

The goal of the GreenTech 2.0 project is to enhance the collaboration of clusters through learning from each other to form joint customized business support services which are provided or channeled to SMEs. In this project talented experts will empower greentech providers to boost their innovations andhelp them to find attractive collaborations new partners, investors and local consultants in new markets easier.

Let's create an impact together!

Impact on key players and stakeholders is accomplished by engaging them in project activities (service validation, exchange) and raising awareness of partnership activities. GreenTech 2.0 aims to act as an enabler and multiplier of collaborations by initiating 100 matched exchanges between SMEs and corporates/ investors.