Waste-Klaster is the cross-regional cluster, aimed at raising standards of waste management using innovative technologies.

The Cluster operates in several regions, mainly Greater Poland, Kuyavian-Pomeranian and Lubusz Voivodeships.

The capital of the Greater Poland Voivodeship is the city of Poznan, which is one of the biggest academic centres in Poland. Currently, the cluster consists of 116 waste-related entities, including 6 universities, 4 research institutes and 102 enterprises. Companies operate in several fields related to waste: waste treatment, recycling, utilization, production of waste-based products, laboratory research, consulting, legal advice, promotion and training.

Waste-Klaster activities focus on: the provision of innovative and cost-effective research services for cluster members, development of waste-treatment technologies, support in searching for business and research partners in Poland and abroad, assistance in the acquisition of EU grants, consultancy and expertise in the field of environmental technologies, support in innovative proposal preparations and obtaining of industrial property rights.

Members of the Waste-Klaster can more easily and effectively undertake collaboration. They have access to research infrastructure and laboratory services (for a preferable price), the process of technology transfer from science to business, as well as, support in obtaining EU funds. Membership in the Waste-Cluster is not associated with any financial obligations for its participants.

Join us! Visit the website: https://waste-klaster.pl/

PPNT in a numbers:
  • the first science and technology park in Poland;
  • 130 innovation experts;
  • 5 hectares of land;
  • 62 innovative companies;
  • 60 research labs;
  • over 18,000 m2 of modern buildings;
  • a modern DataCenter.