Dalarna Science Park

Dalarna Science Park

We are a Science Park and collaborative platform for business development and development projects. Supporting Green Tech ideas and businesses is one of our main focus areas. Together with business, academia, and society, we create the conditions for sustainable regional growth and international success.


Dalarna Science Park is a regional science park that aims to promote growth and development. By supporting companies with international growth ambitions, the organisation contributes to competitiveness and innovation capacity. We support new businesses and ideas and help existing companies remain competitive by stimulating innovation.

Our development projects create conditions for sustainable regional growth. We are involved in several innovation projects with large regional companies and research institutes in different industrial branches


We are dedicated to finding new and innovative solutions that contribute to the fulfilment of the global goals in Agenda 2030. This is the core value in all our services, projects and activities.

Main activities are:
  • Start-up Innovation Incubator

  • Scale-up Innovation programme for SMEs

  • Professional project management and development

  • Access to external funding for SMEs

  • Dalarna Science Park has worked with innovation and entrepreneurship since 1987.

  • Appointed as National Excellent Incubator by VINNOVA.

  • 150+ entrepreneurs have successfully participated in our incubator.

  • One of the nationally leading Science Parks to support the green transition.

  • Our focus areas are Innovation, Sustainability and Internationalisation.

  • Our project portfolio comprises Innovation projects to support green tech development.

  • Regional, national, and international networks to benefit our Green Tech companies.

Key facts about us