Evaluating the ICT cluster Digital Rocket LT in Kaunas

Peer review marathon continues and this week we discover that Kaunas is a great place for ICT clusters! One of them, run by Tech Park Kaunas is Digital Rocket LT. Combining knowledge, resources, and networks of interconnected companies and institutions it increases productivity, drives innovation and stimulates the whole sector.

5/25/20231 min read

The Cluster focuses on digitalisation of cities public services, the creation of new products and services in order to improve citizen life quality by focusing on health tech, green tech, energy management, and robotization areas of activities.

Green tech 2.0 experts together with the representatives from the SISP - Swedish Incubators & Science Parks have reviewed the activities of Digital Rocket LT and drafted recommendations on how to maximise the impact. The evaluators discussed the networking events, B2B matchmaking, training sessions and workshops to boost innovation and scaling activities.